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Ballintubber Abbey, Mayo

When I visited Ballintubber Abbey earlier this year, my mother and grandmother accompanied me. My mother wanted to see the abbey. My grandmother, on the other hand, wanted to see where 007 got married!

Ballintubber is a beautiful place. The grounds are immaculate, while the church itself is one of the most peaceful places you will ever visit.

Pic (c) Tara King

If you want to say a special prayer, meditate or just sit and enjoy the deep silence, there is a Chapel of Adoration. This is tiny beautiful room where the Blessed Sacrament is on display.

Should you have someone special in mind for whom you would like some prayers said, you can write down your request on the slips of paper provide and place them in the box. In a way, it’s quite comforting.

Ballintubber Abbey. Pic (c) Tara King

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate this room. It’s a beautiful place that is open to all.

Apparently, the local families of the Ballintubber area always ensure there is a constant presence before the Blessed Sacrament, with each volunteer being allocated an hour there each week.

The grounds are so lovely to walk and always perfectly groomed. When I was there, it was springtime and all the flowers were in bloom. Even though it’s an abbey, it has a very quaint vibe about it. I can see why Pierce Brosnan chose to get married there! It’s truly beautiful.


Tara’s Ireland Tip:

The doors of Ballintubber Abbey will appear locked when in fact they’re not! So many people have turned away thinking the church was locked up, when in fact it was wide open. There’s just a trick to opening the door. It isn’t very obvious when you’re there but when you lift the handle, just twist it and then push against the door.

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