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Silent City: Galway

There’s a nomadic madness to Galway City that no one really quite understands unless they’re from the county itself.

Quay Street & Cross Street – both entwined – are the the social meccas of the city; they’re the hub. This is thanks to a number extremely popular pubs such as the Quay’s, the Kings Head, Neachtain’s Pub, The Front Door, and Taffes Pub (not on Quay Street, but in the same general region). These places are all magnets for tourists seeking to enjoy the atmosphere of a genuine Irish pub. So in short, Galway is never quiet. Ever! It’s forever a-buzz. There’s always noise, always activity, even in the depths of the night.

The city is never silent … until Christmas Day!

On December 25th, the pubs and shops around Ireland all close up, so this is the one night of the year that most cities are guaranteed to be empty. I wasn’t even convinced it would actually be possible to quieten Galway, which is why I had to venture into the city on the night to see it for myself. Here are the shots!

Pic (c) Tara King. In the shot: Tara King
Neachtain’s Pub. Pic (c) Tara King
Sonny Molloy’s Pub. Pic (c) Tara King


Pic (c) Tara King


Pic (c) Tara King
Pic (c) Tara King. In the shot: Tara King


Pic (c) Tara King. In the shot: Tara King


For those who were not lucky enough to visit Galway and its Christmas Market this year, here are some shots:

Eyre Sequare, Galway. Pic (c) Tara King
Galway’s West End. Pic (c) Tara King
Eyre Square, Galway. Pic (c) Tara King
Cross Street, Galway. Pic (c) Tara King
Quay Street, Galway. Pic (c) Tara King


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