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The Dark Hedges

Shortly before my visit to Antrim, I had a chat with a photographer friend of mine about the landmark known as ‘The Dark Hedges’.

The Dark Hedges (c) Tara King

I knew he had photographed the Dark Hedges in the past so I asked him if they were as eerily magical in person as they were in the pictures I had seen.

“They’re more impressive in pictures,” was his response.

I was hesitant to believe him, but after having seen them in person, I can confirm he was right, unfortunately.

In recent years, a bad storm destroyed a number of the famed Beech trees which would explain why the ‘Hedges are no longer as dense as they appear in those famous shots you see on postcards and on Pinterest.

The Dark Hedges. Pic (c) Tara King

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a beautiful place, but I would advise arriving early in the morning and definitely not at peak time during the summer months otherwise you will have to contend with a number of other tourists trying to take shots.

The trees were originally planted over two centuries ago by the Stuart family who wanted to create an impressive entrance to their mansion, Gracehill House. Gracehill House is now a hotel, so when you’re taking shots, keep in mind that the road is a public one and in frequent use by cars.

Game of Thrones. Pic (c) HBO

If you’re a Game Of Thrones fan, this is practically a place of pilgrimage as a number of scenes were filmed here!

That aside, the Dark Hedges are still worth a visit regardless of whether or not you’re a GOT fan.

The Dark Hedges. Pic (c) Tara King

Main feature photo – (c) Tara King

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